Jason Challas

Artist, educator, curator.


Brief Bio:
Jason Challas has been utilizing computers and electronic media in his works of art since 1985. He has exhibited print, video, installation, and small sculptural works internationally. Challas received his MFA from San Jose State University in Computers in Fine Art in 1996 and helped establish their undergraduate interdisciplinary Computers in Fine Art degree.
Most recently he was Arts Exhibit co-chair and co-curator for an inagural international arts exhibit of interactive work during the ACM SIG CHI 2016 conference.

Jason has worked for American Graphic Solutions, Capitol Color, and Adobe Systems. He is a past board member of WORKS/San Jose gallery and has taught at various colleges and universities in northern California including Santa Clara University, Monterey Peninsula College, San Jose City College, and West Valley College in Saratoga, where he is a full-time instructor of art and animation art, past department chair and involved in running the school gallery.

Challas' work comments on our interaction with and use of technology (and the mass media). He takes still frames and video of news events to create collage prints and videos, where the fingerprint of the pixel is preserved as an artifact of the low-resolution images. His goal is to comment on the impact of technology and the Mass Media’s inherently abbreviated message upon (himself and) the public. His latest series juxtaposes logic symbols with imagery from the mass media and nature.